About Us

As a part of the Orthodox Church in America, in the Archdiocese of Canada under His Grace Irénée, Bishop of Ottawa and the Archdiocese of Canada, our parish is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is under the spiritual guidance of Archpriest Phillip Eriksson.

Like Canada itself, we are a multicultural community.  Some of us are Orthodox "from the cradle," while others are converts from various backgrounds. We are one of a number of Orthodox church jurisdictions serving the faithful in Calgary.

To assist this diversity to communicate together, all of our services are in English. If our community is able to assist you in attaining a deeper faith, please join us. If you need help to find a community that can serve you more effectively, especially in a language and cultural setting which will make you feel more at home, we will do what we can to help direct you to that community. And always, our doors are open to you. Above all, our prayer is that you find your way to a living faith in Christ Jesus along with all Orthodox Christians in the household of the Saints.